What Should You Never Do When Working on a Laser Printer?

What Should You Never Do When Working on a Laser Printer?

What Should You Never Do When Working on a Laser Printer?

A laser printer is considered as one of the most favorite types of a printer which uses a photocopier technology. Basically, it works with a laser beam that draws a document using electrical charges after a file is sent to the printer. Using heat and pressure, the toner gets transferred to a piece of paper while the electrical charge is removed after a document is printed.

Well, we’re pretty sure you already have an idea how it works. But, what should you never do when working on a laser printer? Before we go ahead and discuss the don’ts when it comes to using a laser printer, it is important to first distinguish a laser printer from an inkjet printer, which is also among the most preferred types of a printer.

What Are the Differences between Laser and Inkjet Printers?

  • Ink

A laser printer has dry ink or toner while an inkjet printer uses wet ink.

  • Cost and Maintenance

The inkjet printer is more expensive to purchase and maintain than the laser printer since its ink needs to be replenished more frequently. Meanwhile, the laser printers require the use of toner, which is less expensive compared to inks.

  • Printing Needs

If you only have minimal printing needs, then an inkjet printer is ideal for you. But if you have a high output volume, then it is more economical to get a laser printer.

  • Photo Quality

The image that you print using a laser printer will sit on top of the paper although, they may have lower quality compared to those printed from inkjet printers. You should also be aware that the printing machine can be hot to touch when you are in the process of printing.

How Does a Laser Printer Work?

Basically, after sending the file to the machine’s memory, the printer picks up the paper from the tray and then rolls it to a starting position. The drum gets positively charged, and then the paper gets rolled onto it. A toner powder adheres to the drum areas where the laser has drawn the image and then gets pulled off by a negative electric charge while affixing the image to the paper.

When Is It Best to Use a Laser Printer?

  • Large Bulk of Printing

Laser printers are best used when you have print jobs that are extra large in number since they are typically faster and the page per print cost is relatively cheaper compared to inkjet printers.

  • Not much-colored images

Laser printers may not be preferred if the file to be printed contains full-color images.

When Is It Not Advisable to Use a Laser Printer?

It is NOT recommended that you use a laser printer:

  • for printing photos with large full colors
  • for duplex printing, which is printing on both sides of the paper automatically
  • for printing using an inkjet paper as it can melt inside and cause damage to the fuser and the printer
  • in closed and unventilated areas since it uses heat; otherwise, it may burn and smell.

Additionally, it is also advised that you:

  • keep the fuser roller of a laser printer covered as it tends to get extremely hot during the printing process. This compartment must never be uncovered due to the tendency of touching the roller which can cause burns.
  • allow the printer to sit for at least an hour so that it can cool down first if you are planning on cleaning your printer

What Should You Never Do When Working on a Laser Printer?

It is always advised to take precautions when using any machine or equipment no matter how safe they may look. Laser printers are devices with moving parts that get hot. They also contain chemicals, and they use electricity which can all pose safety hazards. Here are some of the precautions that we can take to prevent any untoward accident:

  • Unstable Base

To properly and safely operate with a laser printer, you must make sure to place it on a level and stable base. The printing mechanism can produce vibrations which can cause your printer to move and slide, so it is necessary to keep your base strong and sturdy to prevent objects or the printer itself from falling off the table.

  • Uncovered Hot Components

The paper is pressed against a metal drum when using a laser printer. After operating for just a few minutes, the parts inside a laser printer can become hot that it can cause burns. So, if you need to change the toner cartridge or there is a jam, you have to allow the printer to cool down before opening and touching its parts.

  • Careless with Toners

When changing the toner cartridge, you should wear disposable gloves and masks since the substances inside the cartridge can be inhaled and stain your clothes or skin. The cartridges are made up of delicate components, so you have to handle them very carefully. You should also store the cartridges in dark and cool places since direct sunlight or heat can damage them.

  • Not Pay Attention to the Electrical Components

Like any other appliance, make sure to plug the cord into a stable and secure outlet and avoid traffic areas to prevent trip hazards. Make sure also to use the power button when turning the printer on and off and not just plug and unplug it to prevent paper jams too. You must also not open or touch any electrical component while the printer is in use to avoid electric shocks.


After a detailed discussion above, you should now be aware of what you should never do when working on a laser printer. Like any other device, there are always risks when using them, and it is very critical that you first know how the machine is operated before attempting to use it.

There are so many types of printers, and they operate differently from one another. And to ensure your safety and everyone else’s in the area, keep in mind the precautions that you need to take before using any electrical device and strictly adhere to the steps that you need to follow.

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