Inkjet vs Laser for Photo Printing

Inkjet vs Laser for Photo Printing

Inkjet vs Laser for Photo Printing

Technology has changed how we take and even print our photos. There was a time when only bulky cameras using traditional film were the only way to shoot them. Previously, we needed to go to the shop to have these photos printed.

These days, we now have digital cameras and even cameras on our phones. We can also do the printing in the comforts of our home. But which printer should we choose? In the battle of inkjet vs laser for photo printing, which printer will win?

The Basics of Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers

The inkjet and laser printers are the most popular home printers. They, however, differ from each other. Before we get into the discussion of which printer is best for printing photos, we first need to understand how both devices work.

Inkjet Printers

The inkjet, as its name suggests uses ink for the printing. They have small jets that do the spraying of ink in tiny dots. The cartridge, which is a container that holds the ink, then moves around the paper and print the sprayed small dots. The paper then absorbs the ink.

The Pros of Inkjet Printers

Any device has its pros and cons. Here are the advantages of an inkjet printer:

  • Great for image-heavy documents
  • Work well in blending multiple and smooth colors
  • Cheaper when compared to the toner cartridges of laser printers
  • Can be reused and refilled, which makes it the more affordable option than buying a brand new toner cartridge altogether
  • Uses many kinds of paper, from textured stationery to glossy photo printer.
  • Can also be used for printing on some fabric types
  • Does not need any warm-up time
  • Can print quickly
  • Often lighter and smaller than laser printers

The Cons of Inkjet Printers

  • Upfront costs of inkjet printers can be prohibitive
  • Prints are prone to fading as well as water damage since the ink is water-based
  • Ink cartridges have to be cleaned regularly, which consumes ink
  • Slow printing time when compared to laser printers. Hence, printing significant volumes of documents and images with an inkjet printer will require some time.
  • Most have limited capacity paper trays and can only accommodate roughly 50 to 100 sheets
  • Do not have output trays, which means bulk printing can be quite a hassle

Laser Printers

The laser printer uses toners, which are charged with power that is fused to the paper, for printing. A laser printer works using the drum and static power. The drum is directed to print using an electric charge.

The process of laser printing is highly similar to mimeograph printing. The drum takes the shape of a rolling pin, which is charged depending on the saved image for printing. The toner comes into contact with the drum first, and the image is transferred to the paper, which then passes through the printer fuser. The image is “sealed” to the paper by the heat provided by the printer.

The Pros of Laser Printers

  • Prints faster than the inkjet printers making it perfect for those who are continually printing a high volume of materials.
  • Produces very sharp and precise black text, making it the ideal companion of those who usually print text materials.
  • Perfect choice for printing fine lines and small fonts

The Cons of Laser Printers

  • Usually takes a while to warm-up
  • Costs more than inkjet printers
  • Toner leaks can give users a headache
  • Quite picky with the paper as it cannot accommodate heat-sensitive paper.
  • Can only print out simple graphics as it performs poorly in blending multiple and smooth colors
  • Bulkier and more massive than the inkjet printers

Inkjet vs Laser for Photo Printing: A Clear Winner

There was a time when only dot matrix printers were available on the market. Hence, buyers do not have to spend much time shopping for printers given the limited products and variety available. However, these days, buyers may have a hard time picking out the best printer for their needs since the market is abundant in printers that come in different kinds and features.

So, in the battle of inkjet vs laser for photo printing, which printer should a buyer choose? If one intends to select a printer for photo printing, then the inkjet printer is the one to buy. This is because the inkjet printer can use a variety of papers including glossy photo printers. The same cannot be said about laser printers.

Additionally, inkjet printers can blend multiple colors perfectly, while laser printers are more appropriate for printing documents in a text.

Factors to Consider When Buying Inkjet Printers

We have already established that inkjet printer is best for photo printing. However, with gazillions of available inkjet printers on the market today, its quite a challenge to find the perfect match for you. And to help you in that area, here are some factors you need to consider:

  • Resolution

One should consider the resolution of the printer, which is the number of dots per square inch. For photo printing, it is best to invest in a printer with a higher resolution. Experts say printers with over 1440 dpi is an excellent choice for photo printing. However, take note that the more top resolution printer can be quite pricey.

  • Speed

Meanwhile, if you intend to do printing of a large volume of text or is critical of the printing time, then you need to check the speed of the printer. Get one with a fast print out speed measured as pages per minute if quick printing time is what you need.

  • Printout Size

It is also best to consider the printout size. Will you be printing on non-standard paper, blueprint or heavy cardstock? Check out the paper path of the product and choose one that will allow you to print on different sizes without fear of paper jamming.

Yes, inkjet printers come with various features and qualities. But do not get overwhelmed for once you have determined how you will use the printer, knowing the right inkjet printer to purchase will be easy for you.

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