Dell C1760NW Resolution Color Laser Printer Review

Dell Resolution Color Laser Printer Review

When it comes to a laser printer - you may already start to think whether or not you would be better off buying an inkjet printer.

And the simple truth is – no you won’t be any better off. And there are plenty of reasons for that notion. You have to understand that the whole idea of a printer is the fact that it saves you a lot of time, hassle, and remains durable for an extended period.

Dell C1760NW Resolution Color Laser Printer

And this is where laser jets come into play – specifically the Dell Resolution printer. The product has everything you can expect. From speed to precision and economy, the Dell laser print can move with dizzying rates so that the machine can write things quickly and efficiently.

About The Product

Laserjet products are way more durable, efficient and faster than inkjets. Plus, the Dell Laser Resolution has a beam that varies when it comes to diameter. And that is why the laser printer can draw or write with accuracy and streamlined precision. Plus, you will never have to worry about ink spillage.

Moreover, you will not have to use excess ink. However, sure, laser printers can be a tad bit expensive compared to inkjets – maintaining and running the machine is not heavy on the wallet at all.

You can use affordable ink as well, which is excellent. However, if you want to go for a quality print – using an expensive material is wiser.

That is the reason why so many businesses use the Dell Resolute Laser Printer as a workhorse for printing elaborate documents and whatnot. In light of this, mentioned below are some fantastic features that will compel you to buy the product.

Network Ready

One of the best things about the Dell Resolute is the fact it is network ready and assembled – which means you can plug in an Ethernet cable and start printing over the air using your Wi-Fi. The specifications include - 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet, WiFi (b/g/n), USB 2.0, WPA2.0 (Personal) and WPS.

High Volume

Another ideal reason why you should opt for the Dell laser printer is the fact the device can manage a massive workload.

You can cycle up to 30,000 printed documents per month. You can count on the user-friendly experience as well as high print quality. Plus, the machine has the Dell LED technology for a pristine view.

Energy Efficiency

The laser printer is a labeled, Energy Star Certified product that has a cutting-edge printing window and LED for an innovative experience.

Windows Operating System Compatible

The machine support Windows 10 OS – so you are in luck! Moreover, the device comes with enhanced connectivity – specifications include Interface: USB, LAN, Wi-Fi(n).

High Resolution

The maximum resolutions of the Dell Resolute laser printer is (B&W) 600 dpi and (Color) 600 dpi

Printing On Dell Color Laser Printer

The Portability Factor

Another fantastic reason to opt for the laser printer is the product's enhanced portability. You can fit it anywhere you want to – the machine isn't bulky and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Plus, the laser printer is also excellent for home-office set-ups.  

Expedite Your Printing Tasks

If you are looking speed and efficiency without any compromise on quality, the Dell Resolute laser printer is just for your business/home. Why? Well, that is because you can print up to fifteen papers per minutes in black. And you can print about twelve documents per minute in color.

Remote Printing

You can hook-up the printer with your IOS or Android device and select the Mobile Print application by Dell. You can start printing your paper when you leave in the morning and get all your documents ready when you enter your office.

Quick And Hassle-Free Maintenance

Setting up the Dell Resolute laser printer is very straightforward, especially if you have Wi-Fi. It is a plug and play device. Moreover, you can save a lot of cash on the upkeep with just one fuser or drum unit – which to the surprise of many users – can last till the machine does! And this means zero maintenance – all you need to do is replace all your toner cartridges.

Easy Handling And Operating

You can start your printing with a touch of the button – all thanks to Dell’s intuitive and user-friendly LCD panel. It is a five-button panel – and you won’t require any instructions.

What Others Say

There is no doubt the Dell Resolute Laser Printer has become a hit amongst a majority of users in the US. And there are some excellent reasons as to why that is true. According to some users – the LED, five-button touch panel is what makes the machine stand-out of the rest.

The Dell Resolute is fantastic and easy to use - and others are impressed it can print 30,000 papers per month. That is the reason why the device is a favorite office tool amongst so many small and medium-sized businesses in the US.

Moreover, people are also surprised as to how silent the laser printer is, mainly if you have used inkjet products. Plus, you can connect so many devices to the machine for enhanced efficiency. You can print over the air using your IOS or Android device and get all your documents ready for that important meeting on Monday!

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Dell Resolute Laser Printer in under $106 with + around $36 in shipping. However, every penny you spend on this beautiful machine is going to be worth your while.

Dell C1760NW Resolution Color Laser Printer


With a portable design, the laser printer has everything you need to prepare your presentation or close a big deal with quality documents in your hands.

The Dell laser printer is pure ingenuity combined with simplicity and gentleness. Operating the device is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – and you can thank Dell for that cutting-edge LED display later!

Final Verdict

There is no doubt the laser printer is a must-have!

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